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Anne Campbell (formerly Dr Anne Moir) and John Campbell are a married couple who are also writing partners. They bring a unique combination of skills to their books.  Anne contributes her deep understanding of the neuroscience and male/female difference.  John brings his extensive knowledge of the psychology of relationships and the workings of the human mind.  They are a brilliant complimentary team.
Their own intimate relationship brings personal experience to their books and workshops.  John has six children, from two marriages, both ended in divorce.  John is deeply grateful for the lessons he learned both from both of his former wives, with whom he has a great loving relationship, and his children and to date his six grand children.  Anne was blessed with a long and happy marriage that ended after 27 years when her husband died over 16 years ago.  Anne maintained her belief that she would find love again.  Never afraid to try out relationships she learnt much from her experiences.
John also maintained his belief in love and finding the right partner and they met in 2013 through their joint studying of a spiritual self study masterpiece entitled ‘A Course in Miracles’. They knew immediately that they possessed the two essential chemistries, sexual and best friend, for them to forge a powerful healing and passionate relationship.
Anne and John deliver inspirational talks, classes, workshops and seminars to corporations, schools, parents, health and social workers, football clubs and the legal professions. Clients include: New Look, BP, Accenture, Coca Cola, Human Givens College and Manchester Square partners. They also believe that understanding intimate relationships and the human mind is a major key to success in life. See their other websites www.wetalkaboutsex.com and www.brainsexmatters.com for more information.
Anne and John offer a variety of different services to help improve different aspects of your lifestyle or business.
John and Anne Campbell are both best selling authors and experts in psychology and family relationships.
View a few videos on The Law of Attraction, Football and the Mind and the Irreplaceable Interview.
See how some of their seminar and workshop attendees have responded to their training.

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